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Sex work in Vienna in Bars and Nightclubs

Bars and Nightclubs in Vienna

Prostitution in Bars and Nightclubs is probably as old as prostitution itself and is the most classic system of all maybe in line with street prostitution. Bars and Nightclubs will never cease to exist because besides being the oldest kind of brothels they are also the savest in many ways:

  • some places have bouncers for security
  • they have security cameras
  • since they are usually around for quite some time they are in good standing with the local police and can count on their support if needed
  • the more official look of a nightclub often is the reason why people keep their act together. Personally I do not really know the actual reason but you hardly hear about problems or fist fights in Viennese Nightclubs
  • the amount of people grants security: with 1-2 waiters, a DJ maybe, 6-10 girls, and 1 bouncer there are enough people to create the air of security that sexworkers need and want
  • the good places are in Austrian hands and therefore in competent non violent hands. Sorry if that sounds racist but there is a difference between a business that is run by Turkish/Serbian/Kurdish management or an Austrian one.

I will list some of the best nightclubs in Vienna now according to my personal preference and expertise.

1. Nightclub Maxim Wien

Maxim Wien sticks out of the lot in my opinion because of many things and I have made it clear in my other blog on various occasions that it is my favorite brothel in Vienna in general. It is also a great place for girls that look for work. The reasons are simple:

  • Maxim Wien is a brothel, a stripclub and a place to hang all in one
  • The girls get paid for dancing and get a consolation if they have no business on an unlucky day
  • The girls need not pay anything to work there as it is very often the case in other places
  • They have the best looking girls in town on average
  • the interieur of the club is super great as it is modern and they do not use any red lights at all
  • Austrian management and ownership
  • open until 6am
  • they treat the girls fair and nicely which is why many girls come back to work there after having tried other places and systems
  • they also do escort in Vienna but they started just recently so I am not sure whether that is a great success yet
  • it is in the centre of Vienna which is super save and close to my home 🙂
  • the bargirls are also kind of sexy sometimes although they love their champagne too much and soemtimes get a bit too drunk for my taste. But that is business, I guess…
  • I know for a fact that the girls have an easier life in Maxim then in most other clubs. There aren’t that many rules (maybe there should be more), they are treated nicely always and they are not pushed to do things in the room that they do not want to do. They are kinda free but of course within reasonable limits. I asked the girls about that because I am always curious and they pretty much said the same independently. Maxim Wien is a comfortable place, a beautiful place with good customers and a great atmosphere
  • the good atmosphere partly is because of their DJ/singer who knows how to entertain people very well
  • the Maxim has been around for ages and has a history over many decades in Vienna
  • they have a good online presence which nowadays is a must and all girl’s images are real

Contact details Maxim Wien:

URL: http://maxim-wien.com

email: office@maxim-wien.com or contact form on their contact page

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nightclub-Varieté-Maxim-Wien/202737429786720?

Phone number: +43 – 1 – 505 81 05

All of that and more can be found on the Maxim contact page, though.

2. Okay Bar

The Okay Bar on the Vienna GĂĽrtel is one of the better joints there in that area. It is a smallish place but clean and nicely decorated and the rooms are nice and spacey. They usually have between 5-8 girls, most of which are sexy. As it is the case in most Nightclubs in Vienna, the girls switch between bars so the number and looks of the girls may vary from time to time but in general they manage to assemble nice looking girls. As a general rule you can say that places that have made a name for themselves for hiring almost only pretty girls usually have more and better customers. In Vienna anyways.

The advantages of working at Okay Bar:

  • nice small bar, nice rooms
  • expensive prices so good money to make
  • Boss is ok and has an ok reputation
  • the location is not bad because the GĂĽrtel still attracts lots of people although it is in general a pretty shabby area. But people got used to it
  • Among the nightclubs at the GĂĽrtel, I would say Okay Bar is the best place to work at
  • they have an online presence but it doesn’T seem to be updated at all ever because the site is bad and the girls I see on the site don’t work there in my opinion

I have heard though that the management there does not give the girls total freedom regarding their level of service with the customers. That means that girls have to offer certain practices if they want to work there. This is good for business and for the customers but the girls reading this blog and are about to decide where to work in Vienna, need to decide for themselves if they want that or not.

3. Tete a Tete

4. Kerstin Bar

I will update this post a bit later with more reviews of Bars and Nightclubs